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“Challenge” in Denmark, 2011

In July in 2011 we participated in the “Challenge 2011” youth exchange hosted by Mariagerfjord Hobby School in Denmark. The aim of the project was to introduce young people to another cultures through different activities and to develop their communication skills. In addition, first aid techniques were taught, advice was given on how to behave in nature and much more.


“Fickle Weather” in Iceland, 2011

In April, we participated in the international youth exchange “Fickle weather” in Iceland, where we learned to express ourselves better through various art forms.

We stayed a week away from the capital in the Westfjords, surrounded by enchanting mountains and Iceland’s turbulent weather. Divided into groups, we participated in workshops that required some technical skills and good imagination.

At the end of the week, we organized a spectacular sensory theater performance for the residents of the local village. Keywords: abandoned fish factory, blindfolded, trip through Iceland´s weather, swaying boats, familiar voices. In total, the performance lasted almost 15 minutes for one guest. We learned to safely lead a blind person, to express ourselves accurately, and to let the imagination fly! Video introducing the participants.


The best snow city of 2011!

In February we took part in the event Snow City 2011 organized by Kuressaare Youth Center, where we managed to win the 1st place.


“Enjoy Cultural Diversity” in Romania, 2010

In November 2010, our representative participated in the seminar “Enjoy Cultural Diversity”, which took place in the Romanian capital Bucharest, in order to establish new partnerships. The seminar was successful and with new partners we organized a youth exchange in Denmark in the summer of 2011.


“Advanced Skills to Enhance Your Participation” in Cyprus, 2010

In September, we participated in the seminar “Advanced Skills to Enhance Youth Participation” in Cyprus.

“SOHO” in Iceland, 2010

In March, we were represented at the “SOHO” training for young leaders, which took place in Iceland. The aim of the training was to raise the level and knowledge of European Voluntary Service (EVS) organizations.

“Activating the Inactive Young Person” in Kuressaare, 2010

In January, we organized a training “Activating the Inactive Young Person” in Kuressaare. As the title suggests, the aim of the training was to find new ideas for involving passive young people. The target group of the project was youth workers from twelve different countries. In addition to acquiring knowledge about project management, future cooperation ideas were developed. The trainers were Peter Keijzer from Richter in the Netherlands and Michael Richardson from U-GO in Scotland. Longer summary of the article and blog.

Volunteering in Europe! 2009

In November 2009 we received accreditation from the European Youth Office in Estonia and since then we have been the sending and coordinating organization of the European Voluntary Service!

“North-East WESTIVAL” in Netherlands,  2009

 In June, six of us participated in the “North-East WESTIVAL” youth exchange in the Netherlands, organized by the partner organization Richter. During a week and a half we took part in various workshops related to acting and art. Our participants have only positive memories of the project and many interesting ideas have started from there.


“Blending World” in Portugal,  2009

In February, as part of Youth in Action, a “Blending World” seminar was held for young people with fewer opportunities in Portugal, with our participation of two young people. The aim was to find solutions for the involvement of passive young people with limited opportunities and to find new partners with whom to carry out similar projects in the future. Thanks to the project, we met the representatives of many new organizations, with whom we have continued to cooperate.


“Young and active citizenship” in Mändjala,  2007

In June 2007, we organized a “Young and active citizenship” training in Mändjala, which brought together youth workers from twelve countries to Saaremaa. In addition to acquiring project management skills and knowledge, future collaborative ideas were developed with the aim of revitalizing local life in the form of projects under the Youth for Europe program. Many thanks to long-time partner Peter Keijzer from the Dutch organization Richter.